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Temporary offices - need temporary technology!
Conventions - Delivery, Installation to all US and Canadian Convention Centers!
Trade shows - Delivery to your Booth!
Conferences - AV Equipment and More!
Litigation Support Services - Presentation Equipment and War Room Setups!
Computer Training - Rent a complete wireless or wired computer classroom setup!
Computer Leasing - Save your capitol or line of credit and Lease your next long term office hardware need.


Temporary Office Equipment Rentals

Temporary Office Equipment Rentals Get a Temporary Office Quote Request or Contact us at 877-422-1907

Hiring a Tech Travel Agent to for a temporary office rental is a great hassle free way to save money and time.

Going with a Tech Travel Agent to handle the setup of a temporary office will ensure a fast and efficient install with only the best office equipment.

Tech Travel Agents employ an army of computer engineers, technicians, audio visual technicians, equipment installers and technology event coordinators. This means that we will be able to provide you with a specialist in the field that best fits your equipment rental needs guaranteeing a job well done.

Any project, no matter the size, scope or location, can be handled efficiently and cost effectively with the least amount of effort on your part. We have the staff and the resources you need to get your job done as soon as possible.

Office equipment available for rent includes:
computer rentals, copiers rentals, printer rentals, laptop rentals.

A comprehensive, coordinated and well-documented procedure helps you know the overall plan before during and after any company event or project. One point of contact, one vendor, itemized invoices and summary reports are standard on all jobs.

Get a Temporary Office Quote Request
Or Contact us at 877-422-1907

Tech Travel Agents are taking reservations now for AV and computer rental equipment from Dell, Microsoft, IBM/Lenovo, Apple, HP, Hewlett Packard, Sony, NEC, Toshiba, PDP, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Tatung, Philips, BenQ, Lavalier, LG Electronics, Hitachi, ViewSonic, Sharp, Lightware, Sony, Sampo, Proxima, and InFocus.


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