Aircard & HotSpot Rentals

If you need to connect to the internet while traveling, then an Aircard rental is the way to go. Whether you need it for a business trip or an out of town meeting an Aircard rental can keep you connected to your office, internet, family and friends. The Aircard rental can also serve as a source of entertainment on your trip or while at the airport and hotel by giving you access to the internet from your phone.

AirCard Rentals

    Aircard Rentals For Short Term Wireless Internet Access
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Broadband2Go
  • 4G/3G
  • Wireless
  • USB Card
  • Data Plan

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An Aircard rental is a great accessory for your laptop rental, especially if you are traveling!

Mobile HotSpot Rental

HotSpot Rentals For Short Term Wireless Internet Access A mobile hotspot rental will allow you to have internet access wherever you go, for up to 4 WiFi Devices. For small meetings, conventions or trade shows, where several people need to access the internet from their WiFi device, then a HotSpot is a great tool.

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