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Apple / Mac Rentals

Tech Travel Agents can meet any of your Apple or Mac rental needs. We offer a full line of Apple products for business or personal needs. Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry for various reasons, like their comprehensive aesthetic design and unique advertising campaigns. Apple has a large following and a customer base that is devoted to the brand and the company. Apple was actually named the most admired company in the US and even the world for the past few years. All Apple Mac Rentals feature the latest Mac OSX version.

Apple Rental Products

Mac Pro Rentals

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Mac Pro Rental - Quad Core
Mac Pro Rental - 6 Cores
Mac Pro Rental - 8 Cores
Mac Pro Rental - 12 Cores

All Mac Pro Rentals feature up to 32GB of RAM

iMac (All-In-One) Rentals

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iMac Rental - Intel Core i5
iMac Rental - Intel Core i7

All iMac Rentals feature a 21.5" or 27" display and up to 16GB of RAM

MacBook Pro Rentals

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MacBook Pro Rental - Intel Core i5
MacBook Pro Rental - Intel Core i7

All MacBook Pro Rentals feature a 13", 15" or 17" display and up to 8GB of RAM

MacBook Air Rentals

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MacBook Air Rental - Intel Core i5
MacBook Air Rental - Intel Core i7

All MacBook Air Rentals feature an 11" or 13" display and up to 4GB of RAM

Mac Mini Rentals

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Mac Mini Rental - Intel Core i5
Mac Mini Rental - Intel Core i7

All Mac Mini Rentals feature a 2.3GHz or 2.5GHz processor and up to 8GB of RAM

Apple iPad Rentals

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Apple iPad 2 Rental
Apple iPad w/ Retina Display
Apple iPad Mini

All Apple iPads, iPads with Retina display, and iPad Minis come with WiFi and optional 3G connectivity.

Apple MacBook Rentals

Tech Travel Agents Make It Easy

An experienced Tech Travel Agent is your one point of contact for your Apple (Mac) rental needs. That includes taking your order, acquiring your equipment, arranging delivery of your equipment, managing setup and installation for your equipment, offering customer support and technical support, and handling your rental pickup.

Featured Product Rental: Ultra-Portables

Ultra-portable laptops are great for transient situations where you will be on the go but need computing technology. We can supply you with ultra-portable laptops of virtually any brand for your traveling needs.

Get a quick quote on an Ultra-Portable Rental.

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