Camera Rentals

Camera Rentals For Events
Sometimes an event planner wants or needs to capture their event on video, and in such cases the highest quality video is required. So to get professional grade video of your event, you will need professional grade cameras, and our Tech Travel Agents can have your camera rental delivered to the site of your event.

Camera Rentals For Filming
Another obvious use for a camera rental is for purposes of producing an actual film in a controlled environment, and for these purposes it is essential that the cameras used be of professional quality.

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Video Monitoring Systems & Other Video Rentals
We can also quote a video monitor system, which is an invaluable addition to any camera system quote, since it allows you to monitor what is being filmed in live time. Other video equipment offered by our agents are P2 Media Storage, video cables, camera battery belts, firewire converters, video mixers, projector screens, projectors, batteries, hard disc recorders, dvd recorders, and more.


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