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Technology Rentals At The Columbus Ohio Convention Center

The Greater Columbus Convention Center is right in the middle of downtown Columbus, which is the heart of the state of Ohio, and is alive with cultural activities, arts, sports and entertainment. "As the winner of multiple Prime Site and Inner Circle Awards, this comfortable, striking facility has become one of North America's most popular sites for local, state, regional and national groups and organizations." The Greater Columbus Convention Center is a great choice for for your next technology destination in the Midwest.

The Greater Columbus Convention can host the largest conventions, with over 1.7 million square feet of exhibit space. The Convention Center is a landmark with its unique spaces, sharp angles, and modern design. Being in the center of Columbus, it is surrounded by the best that Ohio's capital has to offer.

Tech Travel Agents are nationwide suppliers of short term computer and audio-visual rentals. It has always been the pleasure of our agents to offer services to attendees of Ohio's most famous venue, the Columbus Ohio Convention Center.

Sit back and relax and let a Tech Travel Agent handle your needs at your next Columbus Ohio Convention Center appointment.

Technology Rentals at the Columbus Ohio Convention Center. is not affiliated with or in any way authorized by the Columbus Ohio Convention Center. is an independent nationwide technology rental provider and this page in no way implies exclusivity of service to the Columbus Ohio Convention Center.


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