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Event Equipment Rentals Nationwide

Tech Travel Agents are here to make your next event rental a cost effective and simple process. We deliver to thousands of events, businesses and venues all across the nation. We take the time and effort to customize each rental order to fit the needs of our clients, regardless of how specific those needs are.

When choosing your next event rental make sure to take into consideration which event rental is right for you. The two main factors that you need to focus on is how big your event is, how many attendees will you have? Also what type of specific equipment will you need?

Event Rental Equipment

Projector Rentals

1,000 - 20,000 Lumen Projector Rentals for all sized events for any rental period! Renting a projector is perfect for your next trade show or business meeting.

Get a Projector Rental

Plasma Display Rentals

42" - 103" Plasma and LCD Flat Panel Rentals! Rent a plasma flat screen for maximum impact on visitors to your tradeshow or conference. Connect to laptop computer, DVD or other source. Rent with speakers, stands or wall mounts.

Get a Plasma Display Rental

Sound System Rentals

Our agents offer rentals in all types of sound equipment, from microphones and sound boards, to speakers and amplifiers. Our solutions include delivery and installation of high quality sound technology at a fraction of the cost that in-house equipment would cost to rent.

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Lighting System Rentals

We also offer lighting equipment rentals for both staging and film productions. The right kind of light is crucial for getting professional quality out of any kind of visual production. From full kits to simple on-camera lights, we can supply you with the right solution to meet your lighting needs.

Get a Lighting System Rental

Video Wall Rentals

Video wall rentals are excellent if you need to display video that exceeds the format size that any single plasma screen can display. So for big events like conferences or conventions, where you need to display video to large crowds, renting a video wall where multiple plasma panels work together to display a single image is an ideal solution.

Get a Video Wall Rental

Camera Rentals

When producing video, nothing makes up for shear professional grade equipment. No matter the level of professional post-production, the editor's work is ultimately only as good as the quality of the video that he or she is handed. Let one of our agents supply you with professional audio visual rental equipment, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it.

Get a Camera Rental

Two Way Radio Rentals

Radio Rentals make perfect sense when you need a radio for corporate events, company marketing projects, convention services, and special projects! Our Radio Rentals are available for rent for a day, a week, a month or even longer.

Get a Two Way Radio Rental

Computer Rentals

If you need a computer with top performance and speed, capable of handling larger tasks, then you should get a desktop computer rental. We can configure a solution for your temporary need, and procure a computer with specs that are suited just for you. If you require mobility, our agents can get you top of the line Laptop Rentals.

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or Laptop Rental

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