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Classroom Training Rentals

If you are setting up a temporary computer lab for training purposes, renting technology from a Tech Travel Agent is a much more cost effective solution. When it comes to classroom training or in-house corporate training, acquiring a large amount of laptop to train people can be difficult and frustrating. A Tech Travel Agent makes it easy by being your one point of contact to handle all your laptop rental needs. By letting one of our agents handle the logistics of acquiring technology from eccentric sources, you can focus on training.

Let a Tech Travel Agent be your concentric source for all your tradeshow technology needs!

We know how difficult it can be to make sure that technology runs smoothly and efficiently. That is why we only deliver top quality state-of-the-art equipment to your training classroom; we make getting technology to your meeting easier by delivering it directly and setting it up.

Types of Events Serviced

Trade Show Rentals | Conference Rentals | Convention Rentals | Training Rentals | Meeting Rentals

Computer Experts at your Service

Computer Experts at your serviceBy renting the equipment from a Tech Travel Agent, you also get technical expertise on location! Computer technicians can be scheduled before, after and during your computer training class. If a problem should arise, computer technicians can be dispatched at a moment's notice. Technicians carry replacement parts and equipment to get problems resolved fast.

Software Installed and Tested on all rental computers:

Software Installed and Tested on all rental computers Tech Travel Agents will have your training program software and the OS of your choice installed on all desktop or laptop computers! We test each application by following your software installation and testing directions. This ensures that your training software will work as planned.

Featured Product Rental: Ultra-Portables

Ultra-portable laptops are great for transient situations where you will be on the go but need computing technology. We can supply you with ultra-portable laptops of virtually any brand for your traveling needs.

Get a quick quote on an Ultra-Portable Rental.

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