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Huntsville, Alabama Convention Rentals will deliver and install any convention rental, anywhere in Huntsville, Alabama.

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Wherever you need temporary technology, our agents can procure the technology you need and have it delivered and installed. Just contact your Tech Travel Agent!
Video Wall Rentals in Huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama Video Wall Rentals

Conventions typically involve large crowds of people, in vast arena settings, which requires the need for very large format video displays, often larger than is possible with just a single flat panel display. Video Wall Rentals are ideal for this setting, since they can provide much larger formats by linking multiple screens together, meaning your Huntsville audience can see every detail of your display.
Sound System Rentals in Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville Sound System Rentals

Conventions in Huntsville need high-quality and reliable sound systems so that you can communicate to your audience. Our agents can offer rentals from microphones and soundboards to cables and amplifiers. Not only can we coordinate delivery and setup, but we can also have on-site technicians to run and maintain your sound system rental. That's sound advice on sound equipment rentals from
Lighting Rentals in Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama Lighting System Rentals

It is also a good idea to augment your sound system rental with a lighting system. High quality lighting with sound will enhance your event with a professional theme and ambiance. Making your Huntsville event, one to remember. A Tech Travel Agent is your single point of contact for all visual and audio needs, including ambiance, at your next convention.
Classroom Rentals in Alabama

Huntsville Lighting Sail Rentals

Lighting sails are excellent additions to a lighting system arsenal. They are basically interestingly shaped back drops that have colored lights shined on them, and since they are typically white they take on the color that the light source projects onto them. This can create very dynamic lighting displays that will leave a lasting impression on an audience, or on attendees of your event. Lighting Sail Rentals can be three-pointed, four-pointed or five-pointed - where a point is the place where the sail is stretched to and attached to a supporting structure in Huntsville.
We service the Huntsville areas of:
Huntsville, and Madison County.

We can also service the zip codes of:
35801, 35802, 35803, 35804, 35805, 35806, 35807, 35808, 35809, 35810, 35811, 35812, 35813, 35814, 35815, 35816, 35824, 35893, 35894, 35895, 35896, 35897, 35898, and 35899

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