Kiosk Rentals

Kiosk rentals are especially ideal for conferences and trade shows where the need for self-service technology is temporary. Purchasing kiosks can be expensive and its not economically viable to purchase an expensive piece of equipment for a temporary use, especially if you need more than one. In addition, shipping and storing kiosks can also be an expensive endeavor, so renting makes a lot of sense when it comes to interactive kiosks. With several models, styles and colors to choose from, a Tech Travel Agents can assist you in tailoring a kiosk to your specific needs.

There are many options and configurations for kiosks that you should keep in mind when customizing your rental:
  • Screen Type: Touch Screen or Standard (Keyboard needed)
  • Screen Size: Ranging from 17" to 21" (19" is Standard)
  • Speakers: Internal, External or none
  • Drives: CD or DVD Drives
  • Customized Software Available
  • Scanners and Card Readers
  • Printers
There are several great applications for kiosk rentals, some of the mose popular uses include:
Click a category if you need a kiosk rental quote for that kind of application Not sure what specifications you need? Click here to get a General Kiosk Rental Quote Request and a Tech Travel Agent can assist you with the specifics.

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