Flat Screen Display Rentals For Events

Presentation and presenter floor-stands are available with all plasma and lcd flatscreen rentals.

Why Rent a Flat Screen Display For Your Event?

Flat Screen displays are a great and easy way to add visual stimulation to your trade show booth. There are various methods for mounting displays of various dimensions, and our agents can draw up specific configurations suited to display your product demo videos.

If you are looking for a nationwide Plasma Rental supplier who is not only business oriented but also highly trustworthy then there is nobody better to help you than a Tech Travel Agent. Tech Travel Agents are able to supply you with a wide variety of name brand plasma rentals whenever and wherever you need one. By going through a Tech Travel Agent, you can rest assured that your rental will arrive at your event on time and in perfect working condition.

Tech Travel Agents can supply you with any rental you need anywhere in the country. You can have your plasma screen delivered right to your business, conference or event and you can even have it delivered directly to your booth with installation and setup.

Plasma or LCD

The main difference between LCD and Plasma screens is LCD screens can suffer from motion blur, but in most models at 120HZ or 240HZ this is not a problem. Also Plasma screens can display blacks more accurately, but suffer from "burned in" images. Generally, Plasma Screens are better for televisions larger than 50 inches, but if you're looking for a smaller television, LCD is the way to go.

1080P vs 720P

Today the 1080P vs. 720P debate is becoming less of an issue due to 720P being phased out. Almost two-thirds of all HDTV's now come in 1080p. 720P has lower quality than 1080P due to less pixels on the screen, but the difference is very negligible and at sizes lower than 40 inches is almost impossible to see.

Video Wall Rentals

Video Walls are an extremely popular alternative to projectors and are often found at large events such as trade shows, conferences, and conventions where there is a desire to make a prof essional statement about your product or booth.

Featured Product Rental: Ultra-Portables

Ultra-portable laptops are great for transient situations where you will be on the go but need computing technology. We can supply you with ultra-portable laptops of virtually any brand for your traveling needs.

Get a quick quote on an Ultra-Portable Rental.

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