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Kenner, Louisiana Plasma Display Rentals will deliver and install any plasma rental, anywhere in Kenner, Louisiana.

4 Kenner, Louisiana Tech-Army Troops Delivering Plasma Displays has 4 members of the Tech-Army in Kenner, Louisiana that are prepared to deliver and setup your next plasma rental. Whether you need it for one week, one day, or just for one meeting, we can make sure you have the equipment you need, when you need it.
Plasma Display Rentals in Kenner, Louisiana

Why Rent An HDTV in Kenner, Louisiana?

A very popular item to rent for trade show booths in Kenner are Flat Panel HDTV's. People have elaborate PowerPoint presentations that look excellent on the floor standing plasma display. It's right in your face marketing for everyone passing by your trade show booth.
Plasma & LCD Display Rentals in Kenner

Plasma or LCD

The main difference between LCD and Plasma screens is LCD screens can suffer from motion blur, but in most models at 120HZ or 240HZ this is not a problem. Also Plasma screens can display blacks more accurately, but suffer from "burned in" images. Generally, Plasma Screens are better for televisions larger than 50 inches, but if you're looking for a smaller television in Kenner, LCD is the way to go.
Plasma Rentals in Kenner

1080P vs 720P

Today the 1080P vs. 720P debate is becoming less of an issue due to 720P being phased out. Almost two-thirds of all HDTV's now come in 1080p. 720P has lower quality than 1080P due to less pixels on the screen, but the difference is very negligible and at sizes lower than 40 inches is almost impossible to see. Just call your Tech Travel Agent for advice on what format you need in Kenner.
BlueTooth Rentals in Kenner

Plasma Stand Rentals in Kenner

The aesthetic worth of a plasma display rental for your Kenner trade show booth is invaluable, it simply adds a visual dynamic that is difficult for a passer-by to dismiss while casually scanning surrounding booths. Equally important to the display rental however, is how the display is situated in your trade show space. Renting the right kind of plasma display stand for your allotted space is just as invaluable as the display itself; and our Agents can help you determine what the right type of stand is for you, and have it delivered with the display and set up at your booth.
We service the Kenner areas of:
Kenner, and Jefferson County.

We can also service the zip codes of:
70062, 70063, 70064, 70065, and 70097

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